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Find something that tickles your imagination
and will take you off into that wonderful world
that only you can access in your mind's eye.

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Imagination is the beginning of creation...

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From Pencils to Acrylic Paints

A Journey in Time

2-color sitting frog copy.jpg

All kids adore animals, and they love to mess around with colors. Some parents notice a talent in their child related to drawing and coloring at an early age and encourage them to do more. Others ignore the skills demonstrated and consider it part of growing up. Whether you have it in your genes or develop the skills required for creating visual pencil fine art, you need to practice for a couple of hours every day to reach the peak of your talent. Pages from book after book need to be covered with pencil sketch drawings.


Dan is an artist who pursued his talent for art in a unique way – he had a passion for doodling. No matter what people told him or where he was, Dr. Holt continued doodling and creating a unique world with his pencil and experienced hands.

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If you would like a different size or print quality than is available in our shop, please submit our custom order form.

All items can be printed on 
  • High quality acid free artist quality paper, ready to be matted and framed
  • On canvas ready to be stretched
  • On canvas professionally stretched and treated
Custom Orders
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