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Christmas cards are sold in sets of 12 with envelopes and are blank inside. They are $25/set plus postage of $2/set.

Christmas & Hanukkah Cards

Artistic Canadian Christmas & Hanukkah Cards to Celebrate the Festive Season

Art can be a balm for disturbed souls, with people often saying that painting is therapeutic and helps with distracting the mind from trivial pursuits. People of all kinds draw and paint regularly as a hobby or occupation. When you consider a gift for someone at an impressionable age, you want it to influence their life and inspire them positively. Most kids these days are crazy about science fiction and fantasy. If you really want to give someone a pleasant surprise, consider gifting them fantasy art by one of Canada’s top creative minds. Nothing eccentric or gaudy, just artwork that will get you thinking and make your mind travel backwards in time! 

Cards for intellectual growth during the festive season
Dr Holt's artistic Christmas cards are meant to bring a smile to your face and spread the joy of the Christmas season! Whether it’s George RR Martin or Neil Gaiman, these living legends have been influenced by gargoyles and goblins, elves and dwarves, to create fiction that elevates your mood. Dr. Holt’s artistic Christmas cards designs are influenced by numerous things including literature and art. Dan grew up doodling and sketching everywhere he went and received formal education in Fine Art.
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He obtained a teaching certification for Kindergarten – 12. Following this, he completed his Master’s degree in Education with a specialization in Counselling and Psychology. For his doctorate, Dan studied Psychology and Education at Purdue University.


After retirement, Dan went back to doodling and painting with watercolors and acrylics. His passion for educating young minds and ensuring they are on the correct path, lead him to dabble in fantasy. Soon he became popular as the Canadian artist with genuinely funny and happy Christmas cards and detailed fantasy art. He also sells reproductions of his art on demand created by experts. Dr Holt's artistic Christmas cards are meant to bring a smile to your face and spread the joy of the Christmas season.

"Humor is the glue that holds us together."

Dan Holt, Ph.D.

Final thoughts and the takeaway

If your search for funny Christmas cards drawings and gifts has led you to unfamiliar ground, ensure you stay on track with Dr. Holt’s creativity and ideas. Whether you are looking for art with fairies and angels or frogs and horses, the large collection of Dan’s art has numerous compositions of these and lots more. After spending an uncountable amount of time on his latest doodles and subsequent artworks, Dr. Holt launched this website to allow like-minded people and those browsing the internet to view his masterful creations for anybody with a sense of humor and passion for creative pursuits. You’ll be surprised how the reproductions of his art look better than the real thing and make the perfect greeting for Christmas.

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