I've put a sample of creating one of the works on this page so you can see the step-by-step process I went through to produce "Bullfrog Valley Symphoney". By the way, I'll be happy to throw in a CD with all this on it for various works...such as "Can Alice Come Out and Play?", "Whoa, Fred! Way too Much Fertilizer!", "Lust, Love, and Longing", "Know Thine Enemy," "Truumvirate", and "Parade". The one above is the final...the scroll below starts at the beginning of the drawing...then the watercolor...then the details.

Professional reproduction of each one


The two certificates below describe the process of reproduction that produces fantastic quality...in some cases I think the reproductions are actually better than the originals. After the watercolor, acrylic, or pencil work is completed the guys, Jan & Oliver, at Pirak Studios work their magic and create a beautiful reproduction that can be sold to you for a small percentage of the cost of an original, the reproduction will last and last, and is of top quality...guaranteed. 


Of course, this means that you can have the piece of art that you want. You can order the size, whether it is on artistic quality paper, canvas ready to be stretched by your favorite framer, or receive it professionally stretched and treated on a high quality frame. That is why you need to email me for the exact price of the exact piece you want to order.

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