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Cartoon Artwork

Don’t Wait for a Rainy Day! Buy Fine Art With Watercolor Frogs Online!

Frogs are versatile creatures that have been considered ambassadors of prosperity that bring good luck. They’re found around the world and are an essential part of rituals and medication in some countries. Every child remembers their first encounter with these curious amphibians that are found in a plethora of colors. If you are among those that find tree frogs cute and mysterious, you’ll adore frog canvas wall art by one of Ontario’s favorite trained artists!

"Cartoons are a concise expression of a complex idea."

Dan Holt, Ph.D.

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Up A Tree

Doctor with a penchant for doodling

As a child, Dr. Dan Holt, loved doodling anywhere he went - school, home, conferences, etc. Like some others, he found that while doodling with pencil and paper, his brain was more open to assimilating information and processing important information. Over the years, Dr. Holt developed an interest in fantasy art and started creating detailed drawings and painting some with watercolor or acrylic paints. Before Dan started as a student of psychology and education, he graduated from art school with flying colors. Dan’s doctorate from Purdue University made him an expert in counseling. In the last few months, the creative and talented artist has added several truly unbelievable works of art to his online portfolio, including frog art for kids. Some of his creations make the perfect gift for people of any age, though only optimized reproductions of his art are for sale.

Art for all ages

Anybody who is serious about fine arts will appreciate Dan’s watercolors of frogs that are a notch above the commercial mass-produced varieties sold online. Many of his illustrations display humorous text that will put a smile on your face. Friendly amphibians aren’t his only subject, Dan is skilled at drawing animals of all kinds, from frogs to horses. Dan’s vivid imagination creates art that reminds you of the finest fantasy stories. Watercolors are often underrated though they take years to master. It’s only experienced artists specialized in fine arts that can successfully create frogs watercolors that are mesmerizing. Affordable and trendy, peruse the different options in frog art for kids or imaginary lands that will transport you to distant worlds. View some of the spectacular compositions with flowers and mushrooms that can be hung on any wall. 

Dan says that the digital reproductions of the canvases for wall art make the frog watercolor and drawings more impressive than the originals in his portfolio. For anyone who likes to be enthralled by new creative ideas, the collection of Dr. Holt’s work online will be a breath of fresh air.

Frogs Set 1
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