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Fantasy Artwork

Original Fantasy Art Painting Reproductions by Dr. Dan Holt

Canada has hundreds of talented artists and writers, which makes it difficult to choose just one. Some artists paint from real life, while others use their imagination to create fantasy watercolor art or pencil sketch drawings of scenes from mythology. You can peruse worlds crowded with imaginary characters or warriors on horseback fighting evil dragons - there’s no limit to your imagination in fantasy art. Some artists enjoy sharing their artworks with as many people as possible  - you can purchase their framed fine art reproductions on canvas. Whatever the subject matter of each visual, it’s a combination of a creative imagination and skilled hands that are required for fantasy dream art.

​Experience a new level of creative fantasy art

Science fiction and fantasy art are often clubbed together, and some canvases have the potential to make a reader travel in time. Dr. Holt has been an avid fan of fantasy writing and art for several decades. His work reflects a deep understanding of this genre to which he adds his creativity to reveal mythical beasts and magical ladies in a surreal world with flowers and mushrooms. Many of Dan’s canvases are fantasy frog art for kids that will take them on a trip to a world where being a frog is better than being a prince living behind castle walls.

small mall display.JPG
Moondance_36x24_web preview.jpg

Can’t just anybody become a fantasy artist?

Expertise in pencil sketch drawing and water colors for creating fantasy art comes with practice and a strong foundation in fiction and mythology. If people are complimenting your creativity at doodling, it should motivate and inspire you. What starts as a fantasy pencil sketch drawing will make you the creator of numerous famous fantasy art paintings. Reproductions of fantasy frog art or dream art for kids could change your life overnight through social media. You have better platforms to showcase your art than anyone from the past. Continually sketching with pencils and experimenting with watercolors will take you way ahead of the other wannabe artists. Dan realized his secret talent was going to waste as he pursued his passion for teaching and retired from an esteemed university to create canvases that tell detailed stories of imaginary worlds. His framed fine art reproductions are high definition and sometimes better than the original.

"It’s OK to stay inside the lines…as long as You draw the line."

Dan Holt, Ph.D.

The Takeaway

Whether you are interested in Beardsley, Dali, or Escher, you’ll find Dan’s art is a breath of fresh air. You’ll be pleasantly surprised about how simple lines can create a universe inhabited by beautiful beasts and creatures from a world of fantasy that he slowly unlocks through his masterly skills at pencil drawing and painting with watercolors or acrylic paints.

Faerie Queen and Her Court of 20
Know Thine Enemy
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