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About Dan ​

Dan has always been interested in art and doodling. In fact, he usually got in trouble for doodling and not paying attention in school. He has since figured out that doodling is/was a way for him to pay more attention. Dan is always aware of the air, floor, chair, sounds, smells, peripheral vision objects, pressure from his shirt, etc but when he is doodling he can focus his attention on the doodle and better focus on what is being said. See a case-in-point below. This is a piece called"Conference Notes" that consists of a series of doodles Dan Created while listening to presentations at a conference on the Brain & Learning in Boston, MA. This piece is available for sale on this site.


Dan obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual art and arts & crafts with a teaching certificate in grades K-12. He went on to a Masters in Education with a specialization in Counseling and Psychology. After a few years of working he went to Purdue University and graduated with a Ph.D. in Psychology and Education. Working as a university professor left little time for art, but a few pieces continued to be created. During his university years a book titled Cartoon Thinking was written. Cartoon Thinking is available from this web site. It is a series of lesson plans for teaching cartooning basics for a teacher who "can't draw". Now that he is retired he has started working in art again. 


His medium of choice is pencil. He feels that being able to pick up a pencil and find some paper and just draw makes this something that is possible for special tools required. Later came some work with watercolors and acrylic paints. Hopefully, you will find something that tickles your imagination and will take you off into that wonderful world that only you can access in your mind's eye.


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Conference Notes

Conference Notes
Copy of Hoppy, Brew Master
The Scout
Still Life
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Christmas card.JPG
June Concert page 8
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