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Cartoon Thinking was written for the teacher (or parent) who “can’t draw” but sees the value of cartoons. Students love cartoons and they are a wonderful teaching tool. If a student can cartoon a concept whether that be in social studies, science, biology, math, or whatever then that student understands the concept. Cartoons are a concise expression of a complex idea. They include stereotypes that encompass a vast amount of information and communicate in an “emotional” manner that helps the memory retain information.


This book is laid out as nine lesson plans with illustrations that can be reproduced and shown to the class so the teacher won’t have to draw. There are homework assignments and fun projects along with some history of cartoons…even some cartoons from countries around the world. There are 124 pages which cover the basics of cartooning…eyes, ears, noses, perspective, textures, emotions and more with assessment tools.


Cartoon Thinking makes a great addition to the arsenal of materials a teacher or parent needs. It is recommended for grades six and up. Price is $20 plus $5 shipping while supplies last...it is a limited edition.

Cartoon Thinking Book